About The Memory Page Bible
Last Updated: September 15, 2007

Why another online Bible? The goals:
My guidelines in creating The Memory Page Bible:
This is a long term project. It would be easy if the Bible were only a few chapters long. But it actually is 1000+ chapters. This means I do not have time to individually update pages. In most cases, I am writing computer programs to automate the update process. For example, I might create the artwork and colors for Genesis chapter 1, then use an automated script to duplicate this artwork to the other 49 chapters. Then I need another script to grab links from an external website for commentaries on the 50 chapters, sort out which is which, and insert them into the correct chapter's page. I have already spent many hours on the project, and will spend many more in the future. You will see gradual improvements over time. Sometimes some books of the Bible may be updated, and others are lagging behind. For example, as of 9/14/07, all of the New Testament is colorized, but only the first four chapters of the Old Testament. Also Psalms is still partially messed up with the headings of each Psalm at the end of the previous Psalm. These things will gradually be fixed in the coming months.

Thank you and God Bless,

Kevin Jay North