The Memory Page Online Study Bible added footnote (supplementing The New Defenders Study Bible footnotes)

without sin

Hebrews 9:28

From Barnes: "Without sin: That is, when be comes again he will not make himself a sin-offering; or will not come in order to make atonement for sin. It is not implied that when he came the first time he was in any sense a sinner, but that he came then with reference to sin. or that the main object of his incarnation was to 'put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.' When he comes the second time, it will be with reference to another object [below].

Unto salvation: That is, to receive his friends and followers to eternal salvation [rescue]. He will come to save them from all their sins and temptations; to raise them from their graves; to place them at his right hand in glory, and to confirm them in the everlasting inheritance which he has promised to all who truly love him, and who wait for his appearing."

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