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to thee

Psalm 16:2

This is better translated "from thee." Unraveling what the second part of verse 2 means from the original Hebrew is a bit of a challenge. The Berean Study Bible uses the much better translation "apart from You I have no good thing." However this is more of a paraphrase of the Hebrew:

Hebrew Word Strong's Number Meaning Berean Study Bible Translation
aleka 5921 [upon/above/over] apart from You
bal- 1077 [not] I have no
towbati 2896 [good thing] good thing.

In particular, "bal-" usually means simply "not." The Berean translation is working off of a different word order and adding several more words.

Investigating Strong's with the differently translated King James text is even more of a challenge as many online sources omit 5921 and 1077! But The Blue Letter Bible has it:

Hebrew Word Strong's Number Meaning King James Translation
tob 2896 [good thing] my goodness
bal- 1077 [not] not
al 5921 [upon/above/over] to thee;

So, in light of the various translations of Strong's 5921, as well as the context of the Psalm and the other translations, "from thee" seems a better fit for the last two words, meaning there is nothing good apart from God. This translation also seems more literal to the original Hebrew text.

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